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What 10 New Things Could You Wake Up & Immediately Do?

    1. Drink water

    This is easier for me in hot weather. When it's cooler I sometimes drink hot water and lemon. I'm trying to get better at drinking more water. I have a water bottle with mls on the side so that I can track how much I'm drinking.

    2. Meditate

    A couple of episodes ago, we talked about morning routines on Conversations Across the Pond. Angel, my co-host, has created a good routine for herself. Mine has lapsed so I want to revive some of my good habits. We talked about not trying to do too much but starting with one thing.

    3. Oracle card

    I have a few different packs of oracle cards. I used to regularly pick a card for the day. Again, I've got out of the habit.

    4. Read something inspirational

    Angel recommended a book with daily inspiration. I like this idea.


    5. Sit in the garden

    I like the early morning because it's quiet and peaceful. We have a bench in the garden - you can see most of the garden, and into the potting shed, from there. Watch the birds or just check on the plants.

    6. Morning pages

    Either morning pages or journaling. I tend to journal at different times of the day but it's a good practice for starting the day.

    7. Notes

    Either write in Obsidian, edit or process notes. Use my notes as ideas for my writing.

    8. Writing

    My schedule is changing so writing first thing will enable me to fit in writing.

    9. Walk

    I often plan a walk for later in the day but first thing works better. We have lots of places, locally, where I can walk. Routes across fields, down lanes and a circuit around the village.

    10. Watch YouTube

    I have a few inspirational videos that energise me and they help kickstart my day.

    This is one of my favourites:

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