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What 10 things do you want to be known for in 10 years?

In 10 years I'll be 54 years old, my kids will be 25, 22 and 21, the year will be 2032, so I want to be known for...

    1. Being a great father

    Beign able to give my children the opportunity to do what they want in life and be successful.

    2. Being an amazing husband.

    At that time or children will be independent, so our focus will shift back to my couple

    3. Being an endurance athlete

    This is an analogy to life, beign able to train my body to do harder stuff can train or mind to achieve bigger goals

    4. Being a great enterpreneur

    We need more entrepreneurs, not more people who follow somebody else's dreams

    5. Being a great coach.

    I think my legacy can be built around helping other people achieving their dreams.

    6. Being able to reinvent myself.

    Thank you @JamesAltucher for inspiring me to reinvent myself

    7. Beign a world traveler

    Probable the one thing that gives me the most joy, learning about other cultures and how other people live.

    8. Beign financially independent.

    To obtain the freedom to go anywhere and do anything I want.

    9. Beign a fun and joyful person to with

    At the end of the day the journey is what matters.

    10. Beign a writer.

    Something that helps me bring clarity to my thoughts

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