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What are 10 of the most impressive inventions from Time Magazine's 2022 Best Inventions list?

Time comes out with this list every year. Here's this year's:


If you could only pick 10 inventions that impressed you the most, which would they be? You can write why if you want, but you don't have to :)

    1. AI that can detect any disease

    The ability to detect cancer, heart problems, etc without invasive tests.

    2. Robotic Suitcase

    You throw your suitcase in the air and it follows you around like a drone.

    3. Flying Car

    I don't know if this was on the list but I saw a flying car (sort of) at CES last year.

    4. 3D Printed Food

    There's already 3D printed food but it's more for astronauts. But I think in 2022 we'll see more widespread use of it.

    5. The ability to have an AI assistant for every aspect of your life.

    5a) Your kids homework help, 5b) Your financial planning, 5c) Daily reminders about what to do each day, etc.

    6. Robotic Lawnmower

    This is one I am very excited about! I hate mowing the lawn! This will happen in 2022 according to Time magazine.

    7. Flying car! (see video below)

    I saw this at CES and thought it was awesome! They are going on sale in 2022 according to Time Magazine's list.

    8. Ultra-realistic VR experiences with AI interaction and real world objects placed into the VR world

    Sort of like what they did with Spiderman but much better looking and more interactive / immersive
    And you can buy them like games on an app store or something
    Again, this was not on Time's list but I saw it first hand at CES so I'm including it here since it might be similar to what they were talking about here: https://www

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