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What are 10 problems for society that will be caused by AI in the next 5 years?

AI is super-hyped at the moment and it is not going away. There are great things coming but also problems. What might some of these be?

    1. AI will be able to predict who is going to commit a crime and when they are going to do it

    2. People will be fired for reasons they don't understand

    3. AI will be able to write books, articles, essays, movies, music that humans may not be able to distinguish from the real thing

    4. What happens when an AI can see better than humans can

    Will we need eyes if we can get "eyes" from an AI?

    5. Can an AI mimic human behavior so well that it is impossible for another human to tell the difference between a real person and an AI mimicking that person

    6. The first trillionaires will all be people who own the AIs that provide services we all use every day

    How does society handle this
    Do we even want to handle this
    What about other industries like healthcare where people make money off of owning medical equipment (like MRI machines) but the AIs are soon going to replace many doctors
    Who makes money then
    Who loses money then
    What about lawyers
    Even now, many legal cases are won by using algorithms instead of lawyers (e
    , divorce cases)
    Who makes money then
    Who loses money then?

    7. Will there be riots or wars over who owns what AIs or what data sets they have access too or how good their AIs are at doing things humans used to do

    For instance, right now China has a lock on most of the world's data on faces due to their ID system they have in place with facial recognition technology built into it
    Will other countries try and take down China's power by taking down their power grid (which would shut down their facial recognition system) as part of a war strategy

    8. With enough data and good enough algorithms, can you trick an AI into thinking anything you want it to think

    Can you convince an AI that 2+2=5 and can you use this knowledge against them later on as leverage in negotiations or whatever else
    The movie "The Matrix" explored this idea

    9. When computers start writing music, which musicians lose their jobs and why do they lose them (i.e., is it just because some pop stars might have cheaper producers so they continue while others fade away)?</div>


    10. When computers start writing music, which musicians gain new jobs because suddenly there are more jobs available in the industry than ever before since more music is being made than ever before

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