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What are 3 books you were excited to read but didn't finish - and how could the author have held your attention to the end?

    1. Alchemist

    Picked it up years ago. Finally finished it last year. Really liked it. Did not care for it when first started. Slow start.

    2. The Intelligent Investor

    Haven't revisited. I don't know how to value individual companies, so will let others I trust do that for me. Very boring. Do like the way the book looks on my shelf.

    3. Dune

    Someone gave me a pdf of the book years ago. It was awful to read on the small print. Liked the movie, maybe will give it another go.

    4. Reason - Writing is Hard

    Like anything else, writing is very difficult. Writing style may not be suited to everyone. Even some of the most famous books may not be for everyone.

    5. Reason - Timing

    I read The Catcher in the Rye at the right time. Now, over 40, it probably wouldn't resonate that well. Same with How to Win Friends and Influence People. I was too young when I first picked it up.

    6. Reason - Books are often too long

    Many books should be articles. Reading one now that could be less than 20 pages, if you took away the filler. But, then they wouldn't sell any of them. Certainly not for 15 bucks.

    7. Reason - You Don't Have to Finish

    Many of us feel guilty not finishing a book. You don't get a reward. Or a cookie, when you finish. It's your time/life. Skim a book.

    8. Reason - Learn One Thing

    If I can learn one thing. Or enjoy one part of the book. That's a win. It's hard for an entire book to be great. Learn one thing, and then it is ok to move on.

    9. Reason - Speed Read

    About 7 or 8 years ago, I taught myself to speed read. Not sure if I am any good, but I read that we barely remember anything we read, so why not just do it faster? Now I can easily read a book in a few days or a week, if I want. And I don't feel as guilty if I skip chapters, or don't finish.

    10. Reason - You can Reread the best

    You don't have to read new books. It's kind of like movies, I don't want to see the bad ones and I love to revisit Christopher Nolan films.

    Keep reading the same books, if they are great. You will absorb more.

    The best things in life, you should do/see/feel more often! They inspire.

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