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What are ideas for street performing that anyone can do

    1. Juggling

    Juggling is the easiest to learn and you can get a set of three balls for $10.
    If you want to be good at something, practice ten hours a week for ten years. This is true for any skill.

    If you practice ten hours a week for ten years you will be the best juggler in your town. You will also have lots of stories about how people were impressed by your juggling skills and gave you money or free food or whatever else.

    The key to being a good street performer is having interesting things to juggle and telling stories while juggling. For instance, "I'm juggling bowling pins so I can raise money to go to the Special Olympics." Or "I'm juggling these three bowling pins because they are my kids' ages." Etc.

    You should know how to do other things too (magic, etc) but if you are always practicing juggling (or magic or singing) then people will give you money just because they feel bad that they don't know how to do what you are doing and they would like an excuse to give you money.

    It's hard being out on the street all day with no real income but it's fun, especially when it starts getting dark and people start giving you money because they feel bad about having to tell you no when it's getting late for their dinner reservations.

    I've made about $1-2k/month as a juggler but I haven't done it in awhile so maybe I've forgotten everything. But I think this is one of the more reliable ways of making some money outside of an office job if you are willing to put in 10 hours/week on practice plus 10 hours/week on marketing (see below).

    2. Magic / card tricks / mentalism / etc again, very easy to learn many card tricks given a few videos online and some practice

    If someone asks "how did that happen?" after your card trick then they will probably give u money since they feel stupid that they asked such an obvious question after your awesome magic trick
    Again, 10-20 hours per week practicing before going out on the streets would make u good enough at magic / card tricks / etc
    Note: don't do illegal stuff like pickpocketing or escapology (e
    , Houdini)
    These are dangerous and illegal activities that could end up with a lawsuit against YOU even if it seems like harmless fun for everyone else watching

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