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What are small things you can do today for your business?

In no particular order...

What are small things you can do today for your business?

    1. Manage your customer data

    Collect your customers' mobile phone numbers, birthdays, etc.

    2. Be grateful and ask for feedback.

    Follow up with every customer with a sincere thank you and a request that they provide you with an honest review on the most relevant site for your business (e.g.- Yelp, whatever), and if they have critical feedback, ask them to notify you directly so you can take action immediately.

    3. Customer blueprint.

    Create a customer blueprint that consists of key facts about how they found your business, why they value your product, key use cases, and other products they use that are related to your product. Collect and review this data for trends to identify new product ideas and improvements. Also, this will allow you to spot new go-to-market channels for acquiring new customers and ways to improve how you speak/attract new customers.

    4. Keep in touch.

    Send your customers thank you messages via text and other relevant holiday tidings. Text messages are the most effective. Email is too noisy to get heard. If you collect your customer's social media connections, connect with them here.

    5. Who are your best and worst customers?

    Identify your ideal customer profile. Which customers generate most of your revenue? Are the most profitable? The least? What makes them this way? Can you change or add a product?

    6. Have fun.

    Enthusiasm is memorable and infectious. When you're having fun, people sense this and find it attractive. Bring joy and enthusiasm into your customer experiences.

    7. Be yourself.

    What's an authentic extension of your personality? Extend this into your brand and business. Humans love authenticity.

    8. People remember how you make them feel.

    Treat your customers as though they're special. It matters.

    9. Listen and ask why, a lot.

    Really listen to your customers and ask them why. Why is that important to you? Why is that valuable? Why? Why? Sorry, one more time: Why?

    10. Write about your business and be honest.

    Share your wins and failures. Write about your business prolifically and authentically.

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