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Maximillian Hill


What are small things you can do today for your business?

    1. Write thank you cards

    Send them to your employees (if you have them), clients, vendors, suppliers, landlord, investors, etc. Everyone like receiving a thank you card.

    2. Address any negative Google/Yelp/Glassdoor reviews

    Bad experiences happen in every business. No business, no matter how reputable, is immune to this. Instead of cowering from a negative review, address it head on in a professional, understanding manner, and current clients/future clients will be impressed.

    3. Clean up one section of your website

    Does your "About Us/Me" section need to be updated? Perhaps it's time to add a link to a TikTok account for your business.

    4. Write an idea list of new products or services you can offer.

    On Notepd.com, of course.

    5. Write an idea list of ways you can improve existing products or services that you offer.

    On Notepd.com, of course.

    6. Find a way to cut costs.

    Can you negotiate a better rate with your payment processor? Can you sell any unused assets? Is it time to have that difficult conversation with the underperforming, disgruntled employee?

    7. Write a LinkedIn Post that directly addresses a concern that your audience/clients have.

    Then share it on other platforms like Twitter, Notepd, Quora, etc.

    8. Take a walk.

    If you're the boss/founder, make sure you take care of your health, because without it, there is no wealth.

    9. Make a new connection with someone in your industry.

    It's never been easier to network.

    10. Do a podcast.

    Everyone's doing it!

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