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What Are the 10 Greatest Television Shows of All Time?

These are my thoughts on the GREATEST TV SHOWS of all time, check it out. Also, in no particular order cause I got stuff to do.

    1. Breaking Bad

    Dude, you got Hal from Malcolm in the Middle (Which falls short of this list, but still a great as hell show) and that dude might be the GREATEST ACTOR of all time. I mean, the dude is funny as hell in one show, then he comes on Breaking Bad and shows clearly a dork becoming a badass, which hints of comedy but then going completely dark, now that's some motherfucking acting. I don't know if anyone else can pull off what he has done.

    2. The Wire

    The Wire has been described as like a modern greek, uh... story. I think there is another word, but whatever, you get it. Detailed as hell characters, so many storylines and it's all based on REAILTY. I mean, some things probably couldn't happen, like I dunno of any dude like Omar... but then again, I'm not in the drug game. Anyway, a dope as hell show I've watched over and over again.

    3. Louie

    You got the greatest stand-up comedian and he makes his own show and it's funny as hell but it's also tackling like all sorts of difficult subjects, dating! Suicide! Parenting! Diarrhea! It's weird as fuck but that's how life is so Louie really nails something real here that we all understand but rarely really look at, until this show came along.

    4. Black Mirror

    So, like everyone talks about the first episode where the dude is being blackmailed into fucking the pig (Spoiler, I guess? I dunno, they talk about it within the first 5 minutes) but the second episode was the one that I watched, I thought I'll watch this and then go to bed. I watched it and then ended up walking around the block 4 or 5 times, depressed as hell. I guess it's more of short films then a real tv show... but it's classified as a tv show so fuck it, I'm including it here. Even the 5th season was good, despite people crying it fell off.

    5. Seinfeld

    Dude. It's a fucking classic. The only person who doesn't like this show is my mom, but she doesn't understand comedy at all.

    6. Impractical Jokers

    Alright, I know I'm going off the rails here, but this is my list so I'm including this in here. Dude, I crack up laughing at every single show. I'm sad Joe left. But I could watch this show until I die, probably. Might not be a good thing, but it is what it is

    7. Jackass

    Another funny as hell show that's so lowbrow... but I don't care. Like, I was on twitter one day and someone was posting about this book called ANTKIND and they were like, OMG this is so funny and I looked it what they posted and... god, it was boring as hell. Too many fucking words, I'd rather watch some dudes get wacked in the nuts. That's just humor, dude. Sorry.

    8. 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Dude, besides Seinfeld, this might be the only sitcom that I loved. Every character is awesome, they even got the one guy from Seinfeld in 3rd Rock! Dick is out of his fucking mind, Harry has no mind and the others are like, somewhat sane but still stupid as hell - how this doesn't rank higher among people, it's sad.

    9. Malcolm in the Middle

    I know I said it fell short, but fuck it, I have to put it on the list if I'm being fair. Cause, look, I'm thinking of other great shows, Lost, Fargo, Arrested Development and I would of put them on the list... but I'm judging them as a whole. And if we're being honest, all those shows fell off at some point and in a big way - maybe not Fargo, fargo is still hella cool. Actually, I want Fargo to my number 10, that's my real number 10, but I'm gonna put a joke answer cause that's what I do with my idea list- fuck you, I can do my idea list however I want.

    Uh, anyway, my point being, every episode of Malcolm in the Middle holds up.

    10. Real Sex on HBO

    Dude, it's sex. I can't not put it on the list.

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