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What Are the 10 Greatest Television Shows of All Time?

Shows that changed the landscape of television and everyone knows.

    1. Breaking Bad

    Strange setting. Unique drug plot twist of a science teacher. Ordinary People become extraordinary. Jesse. Etc.

    2. Game of Thrones

    Lots of characters slowly being whittled down.
    Fantasy. Power. Love. Hate.

    3. Seinfeld

    Dumb, but in a sarcastic way. NYC setting. Consistently good. Larry David

    4. I Love Lucy

    The OG apartment with friends.

    5. The Miley Cyrus Show

    Music and humor. Every child and parent watched this show and it defined Disney for a generation.

    6. The Big Bang Theory

    A different premise. Nerds rather than beautiful people. Dry sense of humor. Any subject can now be a TV show.

    7. Friends

    Everyone wanted to be a part of a friend group like this. The actor salaries is legendary.

    8. Sopranos

    The Godfather in TV form.

    9. Sex And The City

    Liberal NYC women. Not topic off limits. Fashion and sex were characters as much as the actors.

    10. ER

    Went on a little too long, but it changed television. Fast paced, medical terminology.

    11. The West Wing

    The OG political drama

    12. III:am

    For James.
    A show ahead of its time. Interviewing nightcrawlers.

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