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What are the ten most important things about personal finance that someone without a finance background must know?

Most of the good stuff has been said already. I will address this from a technical perspective

    1. Dashboard

    Track all your expenses, savings, etc. This is something I am not good at that I want to do. Build a dashboard of all your expenses, incomes, and investments (learning is one of them) in one place. You will see trends. You will be surprised. I once discovered I was using way more taxis than I thought and was wasting money on cashing fees.

    2. More income stream

    Needless to say, this has been dominant. Saving is important, but it is passive. Building, creating, and making more money is proactive.

    3. Education

    The more you know, the better you are equipped to take advantage of tools, trends, information asymmetry, etc.

    4. Debt is no good

    Dept drains your pockets, energy, and blessings. Unless for the big items like a house, with a cheap interest rate that it feels like free money, dont accumulate debt.

    5. Network

    Investing in great founders is better than ETFs in a long term.

    6. Invest in learning

    Writing, mentoring, sales, lead generation, etc.

    7. I am still learning my self :)

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