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What are the things that you want to do before you die?

    1. Be "in good shape for my age" at every age"

    Feel good. Eat well. Flexible. Can pretty much do whatever I want. Can run from the cops, if needed...Not model level fitness. Functional, for me.

    2. Continue to "be there" for my family and friends

    Check in on them. Do nice things for them. Experience things with them.

    3. Be a good father and husband

    Not "the best." But, one they are proud of.

    4. Have more experiences

    Have experienced a lot, but I am more of the "sit on the couch" kinda guy in my free-time. I love to read and learn, so I am very happy staying at home and learning new things.

    Need to plan more trips to see my good friends/family and to have more experiences that I want to do right now. Don't wait, because the window may close and then you won't be able to do them in the future, for whatever reason. You may not even want to in 5 years.

    Some of my "best" experiences are the one's I hated at the time. Learned a lot.

    5. Learn a new language

    Sort of know one, but have been putting this off for years, it's still not top of my list....

    6. Learn a musical instrument

    Probably the guitar. Just so I can mess up some of my favorite songs and also make terribly stupid songs of my own to sing for my friends and family.

    7. Have made enough money to have control of my time

    This has been my path the last 5 years or so. But, I have had too much focus on finances the last few years. Delayed gratification, but I've suffered in other areas.

    8. Spend money to save time

    Spend money to have services covered that I don't want to do with my free time. Been a focus of mine, of late, and something I want to get better at.

    9. Do more for my community

    However small. Try and mentor, or help others. Have done this in the past, but gotten off-track. Or, maybe just busy in other areas.

    10. Have the freedom to change my mind many times over the years

    11. Be content, grateful, and live a life of "adventure"

    How I try to live my life now. "Adventure" is a very loose term. Many of my friends think I'm super boring. But, every year, when I write down the things I've done, I seem to have accomplished and experienced a fair amount. Everyone is different.

    12. Be happy. And help my family/friends be happy

    #1 for me.

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