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Collin Harness


What are things that you should be motivated to do but with which you still struggle to find the motivation to actually do?

    1. Read

    It is not that I lack motivation, just hard to carve out time to sit and read and take it all in.

    2. Clean the house

    I love a clean house, but sometimes I find it overwhelming and lose the motivation to do it.

    3. YouTube

    I love creating content, but it does take a lot of time. Sometimes I just do not want to spend the time sitting there editing.

    4. Planning social events

    It can be really fruitful, but I get anxious about being around a lot of people and that stops me.

    5. Gym

    Definitely feel better about myself when I am hitting the gym, but there are plenty of times that I get distracted from going regularly.

    6. Responding to client emails

    I can do the work or I can respond to client emails and many times I do not have time to do both.

    7. Holiday preparations

    Some people love preparing for holiday. I find them really stressful. Putting up decorations, planning outfits, coordinating people's schedule. It adds a lot of stress onto everyday life.

    8. Writing

    I love writing, but often it can take a good amount of time to get in the groove and do it consistently. Sometimes I lose motivation for it.

    9. Finishing TV programs

    I hardly ever finish a TV series I start and then lose the motivation to finish, because I feel guilty that I am not being more productive.

    10. Advancing my career

    I need to get better at recording my 'successes' so that I can advance my professional career.

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