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What are things that you should be motivated to do but with which you still struggle to find the motivation to actually do?

It would be easy to say: eating better, exercising more, making more time for family and friends, writing more consistently, cooking at home more often, and working on long-term goals instead of short-term urgencies. But I've learned it's not about motivation. Everyone has motivation.

Motivation definition: the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior. (OneLook Thesaurus )

So every action you take, even if that action is watching TV (or insert anything you feel is counterproductive to your goals) is an action, thus, by definition, something motivated that action. So we all have motivation.

It's more about the "why." Why am I motivated toward *this* action? How does the benefit of this action exceed the cost of doing something else? That's the real question for me. Here are my top ten *whys* of motivation:

    1. It's easy

    Although there is not much benefit to doing what's easy, there is absolutely no cost!

    2. It's safe

    Safe is good, ask Maslow. Safe means I'm not an imposter. Safe means I won't be judged.

    3. It's who I believe I am at this moment

    Limiting beliefs are, well, limiting. I'm only as good as I think I am. Potential be damned.

    4. It's all I'm capable of at this moment

    I don't have a lot of skills. But I know how to do this. I know I can do this.

    5. I'm confident in this action

    I'm good at it. I can't screw it up. In fact, I'm perfect at it.

    6. I can learn something from this action

    Learning is good. I can always learn something new. So what if I never implement it?

    7. I can use the result of this action to impress others

    I can talk about this tomorrow and post it on social media. I'll be in-the-know. Maybe they'll think I'm cool.

    8. It pays the bills

    A dollar in hand is worth two in the bush. Or was that birds?

    9. My spouse made me do it

    Isn't it always the spouse's fault?

    10. Why not?

    I'm too tired anyway, I don't have enough energy for anything else, I deserve this...

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