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Nicola Fisher


What are things you can’t go without?

    1. Tech

    I love tech. I love using it and experimenting with it, trying out new stuff and making connections.

    2. Fountain Pens

    There’s nothing quite like writing with a fountain pen. I love the act of handwriting. There’s great pleasure to be had from writing.

    3. Phone

    Connected to tech, my phone enables me to do so much. I rarely make phone calls but take photo, use favourite apps, take notes and plan.

    4. Coffee

    I love coffee and café culture. One of my pleasures is sitting in a café with a notebook and latte to hand.

    5. Boots

    I’m not a girly girl. I’m happiest in my walking boots. They’re comfy and good for walking around here.

    6. Potting Shed

    It’s my little sanctuary where I can plant and potter. It’s great watching my plants grow. Sometimes I sit in there with a coffee and just contemplate.

    7. Notebooks

    Wherever I go I take a notebook. Sometimes it’s a small notebook for a small bag, other times it’s a Filofax. But I always have something to write in.

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