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What are we feeding our children? (2 min 44 sec)

What are we feeding our children? (2 min 44 sec)

    1. We fill up the child with our Ideas not his/her own.

    When we impose our own ideas, beliefs, and expectations onto our children, we hinder their ability to discover their authentic selves and their unique spiritual path.

    2. We fill the child with "idols " - things outside of him/her.

    We teach our children to seek fulfillment and to place excessive importance on external possessions, achievements, and relationships as their source of happiness. Rarely, if ever, do we encourage them to focus inward and recognize that their true fulfillment can only come through extending and receiving love.

    3. We fill the child with "concepts" - unverified of course.

    We don't encourage our children to question and examine the concepts and beliefs we hold. Our ideas are shaped by our conditioning, societal norms, and past experiences. But do we encourage our children to critically examine our concepts and seek the truth beyond what we teach?

    4. We fill the child with advertising.

    The influence of advertising shapes our children's beliefs and desires. Such advertisement promote an illusion of lack and seek to convince children that material possessions bring happiness.

    5. We fill the child with teachers and a school system.

    Teachers and authority figures are foundational in shaping our children's beliefs and perceptions. Are such teachings reinforcing fear, separation, and ego-based thinking, or are they promoting love, and the recognition of our shared unity?

    6. We fill the child with peers and peer groups.

    The influence of our children's social environment, especially their peers, shape their beliefs, values, and behaviors. Do our children surround themselves around people who embody love and truth or fear and separation?

    7. Our children unknowingly adopt beliefs, values, and perceptions from various sources, including advertising, teachers, and peers, without fully comprehending their impact.

    To break free from conditioned thinking our children must recognize this unconscious influence and embark on a path of self-awareness. They must question their inherited beliefs and seek the truth within.

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