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What are you most proud of?

    1. That I can write ten ideas a day and actually use most of them

    2. That I've been able to help people with their ideas

    3. That I wrote a book (even though it's not great)

    4. That I've had some good friendships that have lasted over 30 years

    5. That I'm still alive

    6. That I was able to go through the divorce without any bitterness or anger. And that my ex-wife and I are still friends. Even though she moved to LA and became an actor! How did that happen? She's really good by the way.


    But she also has kids so maybe it makes sense she would want to stay home with them instead of being an entrepreneur like me!

    I don't know why this is important but for some reason it is to me so...there it is.

    (I stayed in NYC)

    I guess because, as my therapist said, "you're afraid of losing something you love". Which is true in every area of my life. Including my marriage although it didn't work out this time around.

    But, again, important or not, there it is on the list.

    7. That I was able to go through bankruptcy without feeling like a failure and starting over again at age 42 (which was right after 9/11)

    Again, important or not

    it's on the list

    8. My kids are awesome and they make me proud every day even if they drive me nuts sometimes too! And they are both entrepreneurs now which makes me even more proud. Although having kids means you lose all your money but that's ok because yo


    9. When someone tells me something about themselves that nobody else knows and then says "I feel better just telling you that

    " It feels like magic when this happens because usually people tell you things so they can get rid of them off their chest but when they say "I feel better" afterwards then THAT IS MAGIC TO ME AND MAKES ME PROUD TO BE A FRIENZ AND CREATE THAT KIND OF MAGIC FOR SOMEONE ELSE IN THEIR LIFE BUT IT'S ALSO SCARY BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN THE NEXT TIME SOMEONE TALKS TO YOU LIKE THAT SO IT'S A WEIRD MIX OF FEELINGS BUT STILL PROUD TO HAVE CREATED SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE AND IN MY OWN LIFE AS WELL WHEN THIS HAPPENS FOR ME SOMETIMES TOO although not as often as for others since this is mostly what I do for a living these days although i try to keep myself from getting too attached to any one idea like this because otherwise it will be too painful if the idea doesn't work out and then also when an idea does work out for someone else then suddenly i feel bad about charging money for this type of thing so i try not to think about any one person too much because otherwise i'll get depressed if the idea doesn't work out or overly excited if it does but mostly i just try to enjoy each moment with each person who comes into my life via this weird career path i've chosen for myself while also trying hard not to be too attached since that never works out anyway!

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