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What are your best lists of 2022?

Using my public lists... only about 43 (44 now?), so I don't have a lot to choose from.

    1. Terrible Reasons to Get Married

    From the challenge. My first public post, and a bit inspired answers.

    2. Old School Things We Need to Return

    While time has made a lot of positive changes, a lot of good things have gone by the wayside.

    3. Ten Things I've Learned But Don't Always Remember

    Because there have been a lot of lessons, and remembering them helps keep things in perspective.

    4. Don't Assume...

    People draw conclusions about others based on false premises. That's when bad things happen.

    5. Ending Homelessness

    This has been on my mind for years... what seems to be a simple solution which gets complicated because it treads on those who are protecting their territory and not looking to solve the problem.

    6. Ten Non-Religious Reasons to go to church

    Churches have, and still do, serve a positive purpose in society. Those who wonder "what's in it for me (my family)" beyond belief seem to miss a lot of what else churches do.

    7. What If Giraffes Ruled The World

    A random thought that popped in my head from an AI picture I saw here. Silly, but certainly out of the box.

    8. Ten Ways to Pick Up Acorns

    After we picked up about five leaf bags (1/2 full - they are heavy in bulk) worth of acorns, was frustrated and wondered what would make this routine task a bit more fun. And, they do sell what is in essence an acorn rake:

    And the fact they call it a Nut gatherer is of some small amusement.

    9. Ten Great Things About New Jersey

    We get a bad rap. There is a lot of great things about New Jersey (and other places, natch...) so I figured I'd share that with folks who only know the sites and smells around Newark Airport.

    10. Ten Opposite Things I Like

    Just seemed like a fun list... and it was.

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