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What Are Your Personal Qualities That Make A Woman Attractive/Beautiful?

    1. Loves Ska (or at least likes it)

    My favourite genre of music. If I had someone to go to gigs who enjoyed it as much as I do I'd fall instantly in love with them.

    2. Stoic (or at least not quick to anger /upset)

    I've seen to many girls go from 0 to 100 over nothing. Expecting people to never get angry is stupid, but if I can find someone who handles their anger well we'd get on a lot better.

    3. Sense of humour

    I love to joke and I'm a wind up. If she takes offence easily she's not for me (or more importantly I'm not for her).

    She can expect daily dad jokes of the highest quality.

    4. Fit

    Eats well and exercises. Doesn't need to be an athlete, just someone who takes care of themselves.

    5. Creative

    I love creating. Non creatives might see me as lazy /messy. But creatives I know, know that thinking looks a lot like laziness and messyness is part of the process.

    I'd love to create together or just help at solving new problems and provide my own outlook on the problem.

    6. Kind

    I want someone who's kind. Takes care of and helps others in need.

    7. Fascinating

    I want to be fascinated by her. Hobbies, way of thinking /doing things. I hope she's fascinated by me as well.

    8. Traveler

    I love travelling. It would be nice to have someone to travel with. Maybe she could show me new places to explore.

    9. Smart

    I'd say I'm smarter than average. I'd like someone I can talk to on a higher level than I do with most people.

    * getting to the point where I'm pushing for attributes to reach 10. As long as she's not an idiot, I've got enough brains for the both of us.

    10. Skilled in areas in not

    I can learn off her. Combined with my skills we could make a unique product /business. I love learning.

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