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What Are Your True Values?

I realized today that I've never fully articulated and documented my core values. I've just sort of lived by them, so I wrote them down. These are my most fundamental beliefs about how I want to behave as a human being. They are the ways I want to act or behave on a regular basis.


    1. Honesty

    I want to be able to be myself. I want to be honest with myself and with others. I never want to be somewhere or in a situation where I have to be careful about what I say. Overthinking how I should say things or thinking back on why I said something. This causes me to step away from the situation.

    2. Persistence

    Being persistent, no matter how slowly I may have to move at first. Persistence will lead to success. True willpower cannot be substituted.

    3. Romance

    To be romantic in order to demonstrate and express love or strong affection for my relationship. Continue to enjoying our journey together, adding adventures and intense emotions. Always making time for her and continue to be there for her.

    4. Faith

    These are instructions to the subconscious using my affirmations. The physical equivalent of belief or faith is translated. All of life's good things are infused with faith or belief. I am not going to rely on faith to make things happen. Having faith in God, my family, and my friends.

    5. Gratitude

    Taking steps to appreciate what I have every day. Making an effort to recognize and share all of my blessings. Seeing what I have and what is present, rather than focusing on what I don't. Thank you, God.

    6. Enthusiasm (Controlled Enthusiasm)

    A vibrating energy within my mind and heart. Controlled enthusiasm affects not only me, but also those with whom I come into contact.

    7. Fitness

    To maintain or improve my fitness, as well as to care for my physical and mental health.

    8. Humility

    Allowing accomplishments to speak for themselves.

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