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What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

    1. Improve your guessing skills by learning Heuristics.

    A heuristic is a general rule. In a pinch, they can assist you in making good predictions, which are not guaranteed but better than a shot in the dark.

    Recognition Heuristic

    Assume you have three groups of people. Someone is exceptionally knowledgeable about a subject. One knows roughly half as much as the other and is completely ignorant. Because of the recognition heuristic, the middle group will do best on some questions. Those who know nothing can't use it since they don't identify any alternatives. Those who know too much cannot use it because they recognize all of them. Those in the middle, who recognize some but not all of the possibilities, are best suited to putting the recognition heuristic to use.

    The Wisdom of the Crowds

    If you remember the show "Who want be a Millionaire" you had the option to ask the audience if you got stuck on a question. You might have noticed that the audience tends to skew towards the correct answer. Why?

    The statistical phenomenon underlying the wisdom of crowds is the fact that ignorant replies are randomly distributed among all options. When we choose the most popular answer, the stupid replies effectively cancel one another out. That leaves intelligent responses to sway the scales.

    For more heuristics, check out the Wikipedia page.

    2. Learn keyboard shortcuts

    Learn keyboard shortcuts for your favourite spreadsheet, graphic design program, or coding language will help you get your work done faster and more efficiently.

    3. Expert Networks

    If you are an expert in your industry or have reached a high level of seniority, this might be a good way to make some extra cash for all the hard work you put in.

    An expert network is a collection of people who are recognized as industry leaders in their respective industries. These experts are then hired by third parties who require guidance or experience on specific topics or skill sets outside their basic knowledge base or as expert witnesses in legal or policy matters.

    4. Three questions to ask when evaluating solutions

    1. Compared to what?

    2. At what cost?

    3. What evidence do you have?

    5. Mind Hack: Remove Anxiety

    1. Sit
    2. Lean slightly back.
    3. A slight head tilt
    4. Tilt your eyes slightly back.

    6. Take the Big 5 Personality Test

    The Big Five personality test is a great way to learn more about your personality and how it affects your interactions with others. It can also help you better understand yourself and how you react to different situations.

    7. 5x5 Training

    If you know little about strength training but want a good beginner program to get you started, go with 5x5 training. I recommend downloading the Strong Lifts app.

    8. Learn Python in less than 45 min (it's not 10 min but still worth it)

    9. Learn how to pick a lock

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