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What can our politicians do to make things better in the USA?

Following along the premise that All politics is local, I'm going to focus on what I believe local politicians can do. Building better communities will lead to a better nation.

    1. Listen to the Constituents

    The People will often have a better grasp of the problem and what is needed. Listen to them.

    2. Be Honest with them. Especially with the hard answers.

    3. View broadband access as the public utility that it has virtually become.

    Whether it is through capital improvements funding, infrastructure upgrades, or straight funding grants, by ensuring that all households have access to reliable, high-speed internet could do a lot of good for many people.

    4. Follow through.

    As a politician, if you say you are going to do it, DO IT! Or explain why is wasn't done.

    5. identify areas that are in need of LESS regulation.

    Does the same piece of property REALLY need to meet zoning requirements, environmental concerns, building requirements, licensing, inspecting, and reviewing, prior to the first foundation being laid? Certainly some of that can be trimmed.

    6. Respect property owners.

    While not a special or protected class, property owners are the bedrock of any municipality, regardless of size. Politicians would go a long way by encouraging responsible property ownership, decreasing barriers to the buying, selling, use of, and upgrading of real property.

    7. Talk TO the voters, not AT them.

    8. Encourage civil discourse and people first.

    One way to do that is to remember that as an elected official you do not represent an agenda or a political party. Nor do you represent the people who voted for you. You represent ALL of your constituents. By discussing ideas, plans, and legislation in open forums and with respectful dialogue, politicians can begin to knit the fabric of this country back together.

    9. Be humble.

    10. Embrace Service Leadership

    11. This list is less a platform of material projects, and more an ambitious list of traits and behaviours that we hope to see in our elected officials.

    12. Lead by example.

    Model the behavior you expect from others.

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