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What Chores did you do as a kid

I was brought up on a dairy farm in the north west of England. Now there would be all kinds of health and safety implications

    1. Hay time - when I was 7 years old I would steer the tractor pulling the trailer that was stacked with bales of hay

    The gathering and stacking of bales was carried out by the adults and older children. my feet couldn't reach the clutch or brake so adults would reach over and operate the brake or clutch and hand throttle

    2. Tackling up - the feeding of the dairy cows

    This was carried out in the morning and evening before and after school

    3. Mucking out the cow cubicle building

    How I hated the smell of cow dung

    4. feeding the baby calf's

    This was another chore carried out in the morning and evening before and after school

    5. White washing the old brick animal barns

    this was done in the summer months with Calcium hydroxide (traditionally called slaked lime)

    6. Helping calve a cow

    Usually done when a cow was struggling to give birth and needed assistance when the calving aid was used

    7. Creosoting wooden buildings

    another task done in the summer months coating wooden building with wood preserver

    8. Sowing Potatoes and Picking Potatoes

    Sow in the spring and pick at harvest at neighbours farms it seemed to rain on both the sowing and harvesting

    9. Turkey Plucking

    Only one time to pluck turkeys in the UK and that was just before Christmas

    10. Rounding up cattle on foot

    when my dad didn't have a border collie to round up the cattle he got me and my brother to do it.

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