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What Did You Learn This Week?


Here are 10 I learned this week.

    1. Ideas get clearer when you write about them

    This should be obvious but it is not to many.

    Paul Graham said:
    "If writing down your ideas make them more precise and more complete, then no one who hasn't written about a topic has fully formed ideas about it. And someone who never writes has no fully formed ideas about anything nontrivial."

    2. Do not do what you feel like doing

    Do what you want to feel like.
    Then you will feel like what you do.

    Do not throw your hands in the air and say:
    I do not feel her love anymore.
    She does not love me anymore.

    Love her.
    Approve of her.
    Listen to her.
    Be kind to her.

    Then you will feel the love.

    ps: her/she is a general term for men and women.
    Just as his/he was a generic term for men and women, until you read this.

    3. Life is not like the main street in your city

    You cannot see 10 meters ahead.

    Life is like a ballon.
    It opens up as you blow (go).
    It expands more and more as you go.

    Beware of anyone who says they can see 10 meters ahead in your life.
    They are taking advantage of your ignorance.

    4. It is easy to clear out young corn plants with the weed

    Most people cannot see success in the early stages.
    They only see it when it is fully developed.
    And that is okay.

    5. Look closely

    Life is simple and it can be easy too.
    It follows a simple pattern.

    When you look closely, you will see this pattern.
    Then you shall become like a goldsmith.
    You shall build things that move your life forward.
    You shall mould your life the way you truly want.

    6. Celebrate small victories

    They are the only victory you have right now.

    You lose something when you do not celebrate.
    And you may never get to celebrate 'bigger' ones.

    Because each victory is still small compared to the one ahead.

    7. Wait Until...

    There are two kinds of waiting.

    Some people wait for...
    Others wait until...

    The first kind is for fools.
    You become wise when you learn to wait until.

    8. How you do anything is how you do everything

    Do not say I have only one option.
    This is wrong.
    Grammatically and in principle.

    Maybe it is right if cats and pigs say it.
    You are not a cat nor a pig.

    9. You do not need to fail to succeed

    Failure is a neccessary consequence of ignorance.

    The more you learn how something works,
    you are less likely to fail.
    And more likely to succeed.

    10. Happiness is an act.

    Then a feeling.

    Same as love.
    And all the other billion things you want to feel.

    Do and you will feel.

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