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What did you like most about your favorite instructors?

Been lucky to have some great teachers/mentors....

    1. Patience

    This is #1 for me. They let their students go at their pace and find their way.

    2. Give a long leash

    To allow the students to find their own way. No path is the same. Personalities are different.

    3. Provide structure

    Have never seen a good teacher not have a plan/guide/program. The best also are not that rigid with their methods. They allow leeway and are constantly improving their process. Students need structure when they are starting out. Any plan is better than no plan. Adjust along the way.

    4. Curiosity

    Seen some great teachers ask a lot of questions. They don't give you the answers, but do ask you the right questions so you can figure it out. Think a powerful trick to use on people is the power that makes people think something is their idea. Great teachers do this. They make you come to your own conclusions.

    5. Servant leadership

    The modern great leader/teacher puts their ego aside and teaches to see others succeed. They lead with kindness and feel good when their students excel. Have seen some great ones take great pride when their students surpass their own achievements.

    6. Forgiving

    If a student makes a mistake, they are willing to give them 2nd and sometimes 3rd chances. They understand people are not perfect.

    7. Don't let students walk all over them

    Despite what I've wrote prior, a great teacher/mentor demands your respect and won't let the student run the show. The teacher leads. If you take too much leeway from the teacher, the teacher will put you in line or cast you aside. There are limits on the number of chances one deserves.

    8. Shield you from pressure

    This is more from a management/coach situation. Great teachers/leaders find ways to shield their teams from too much pressure. Most high achievers already put a lot of pressure on themselves and don't need more.

    9. Keep things fresh

    Everyday is not the same. But, the basics are covered 80% of the time.

    10. Led the student to believe the teacher had their back

    Loyalty is important. Both ways. The student gives loyalty because they believe their teacher has their back.

    The student knows that if they really need their teacher, or if they need extra help, they will come through.

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