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What do I want?

I had a talk with my mum about my future.  I hope this list will clear my head and make it easier to know what my next moves should be.

    1. See friends all over the world

    It would be nice to see everyone again.  This requires money.  A holiday is enough, I don't need to live with them.

    2. Use my mind

    As handsome as I am, my mind is my best quality.  I feel it's wasted at the moment.  I've been sharing advice since the pandemic started, yet people continue to repeat the same things they later complain about.  It just seems pointless at times, regardless of the advice I give, nothing changes.

    Maybe I should focus more on how to persuade them to use that advice or maybe I should focus on using my mind elsewhere.

    I want a job where I can think of creative solutions.  I want to teach these solutions and watch as others grow.  I want to have intelligent discussions.  

    I'm focusing on building my own business and writing a new book at the moment.  It's keeping my mind busy, but it's lonely.  It'd be nice to have like minded people to talk to.

    3. Relationship

    I've looked and I don't think there's anyone for me here.  Maybe I'm not looking in the right places.

    I want her to be smart.  It'd be nice if they could understand me on an interlectual level.  Then again as long as they trust me I'd be happy if they're not as smart as me.

    Kind. If she'd make a good mum to my kids I'm satisfied.

    TV.  I want to rewatch all my favourite shows with her for the first time.  If she loves them then she's marriage material.

    Understanding.  People that assume my actions/inactions come from a bad place really annoy me.  My cousin did this when we shared a house and led to me leaving.  I can't stay with anyone who doesn't understand that I don't act out of spite I just don't see the same problems you do, explain them to me before resulting in anger.

    4. Excitement

    The majority of the week I'm myself.  Working on my own projects, walking or relaxing at home.  Not for lack of trying, but most of the time I'm free, others are working.  I don't want to work extra I don't enjoy it, but this isn't much better.

    I want new places to explore on my walks.  I want to meet new people and go on adventures.  I want to have friends to do fun things with during the week.I want to wake up excited about what the day has to offer.

    5. My own boss

    I don't like people telling me how to do things.  I don't mind ' this is your job' but when 'this is how you should do it....' is added I get annoyed I like using my mind to think of new creative ways, but this doesn't allow for that.  They may as well automate a robot to do the task.

    So to avoid that I want to be my own boss.  Do business my own way and make my own money.  Speak my mind.  If I think something's nonsense I don't want to be obliged to go along with it.  I'll work as hard as is needed to archive this freedom.

    6. Read

    I want time to relax and read.  I want to continue to get smarter.

    7. Rest

    If I'm not dealing with my problems I'm dealing with 10 of my friends problems depression, work, family, relationship's, death ect. It's never ending.  Being the one person they can trust with this they all come to me.  It's exhausting.  I help then they repeat the same problem a few months later and the cycle continues.

    I want to rest.  I want friends that can deal with problems themselves.  I want people if struggling to look at all the advice I've already put up online and see if that helps before asking.  I do want to help I just can't do it for everyone.

    People say I'd be a great therapist, but do I want to put up with even more of this?  Maybe if it's a job I can charge friend's and it would seem so bad?  Who knows.

    8. Comedy

    I'd love to do more stand up.  I'm not sure how well a lot of my jokes will do here. If I can succeed at this it will allow me to become my own boss and travel around to see friends.  I know I'm good enough, I just need to convince the audience's the same.

    9. Make a difference

    I want to change the world.  At the moment any changes I make at work are gone the next day.  The majority of the advice I share doesn't stick, but some does and it has helped others for the better I guess I should focus on that.  If I could do that on a bigger scale I'd be happy.

    Comedy doesn't have the same effect, but making people smile could be the first Domino that gives them the energy to help change the world.  Maybe my comedy would make more people aware to the other things I do 

    10. Great food everyday

    Maybe I cook it or maybe I go to amazing restaurants everyday.  I just want to eat great food.  I'm sick of oven food and that's after having it about 2 times this week.

    I'd like to be able to cook more dishes I really enjoy cooking.  It's an art.

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