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What do you know about AIRDs?

    1. AIRDs - Apparently Irrelevant Decisions

    An AIRD is when someone makes a decision based on a factor that doesn't seem to matter or be related to the decision.

    2. Three relatable examples

    You choose a restaurant to eat at based on the color of the sign or the decor of the establishment, even though the quality of the food has nothing to do with the appearance of the restaurant.
    You buy a brand of toothpaste based on the shape of the tube or the design of the packaging, even though the effectiveness of the toothpaste has nothing to do with its appearance.
    You decide to attend a particular college because of the campus layout or the weather in the area, even though the quality of education or job prospects after graduation are more important factors.

    3. Apparently Irrelevant Decisions (AIRDs) can lead to regret or dissatisfaction, and unnecessary expenses.

    Consider all relevant factors when making decisions in 2023 to avoid negative consequences.

    4. Here are some guidelines that may help you avoid Apparently Irrelevant Decisions (AIRDs):

    Identify the most important factors: Consider what is most important to you when making a decision and focus on those factors.
    Gather information: Do your research and gather information about the options you're considering.
    Consider the long-term consequences: Think about the potential long-term consequences of your decision and how it may affect you in the future.
    Seek advice from others: They may be able to offer perspective and help you avoid making decisions based on irrelevant factors.
    Take your time: Don't feel rushed to make a decision. You're an eternal being.

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