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What do you need to talk to your spouse about for 2023?

The end of the year is a great time to regroup with your spouse.

During this last week of the year, take time to talk about the big areas in your marriage to get ready for the new year.

Here are 5 Things to talk about with your spouse for 2023 (and some questions to ask):


    1. ⏰ Time together

    How well did you do in the Time department with your spouse during 2022?

    ∙How much time would you like to spend together during the day/week/month?

    ∙ Dates... are you dating your spouse regularly?

    ∙ Do you have time with your spouse WITHOUT the kids?

    ∙ Are you nurturing your friendship?

    2. 💋 Frequency of Sex

    What did you like about your sex life during 2022?

    ∙ Where could you improve this area?

    ∙ Talk about the big 3: Frequency, Time and Performance.

    ➡️ How much, How long and What do you like/not like?

    3. 💰 Budgeting and Money

    What does your money situation look like going into this new year?

    ∙ Is your budget working (do you have a budget?)

    ∙ Do both of you know where and how your money is being spent (generally)?

    ∙ Are there big purchases or debt you want to tackle this year?

    4. ❤️‍🔥 Future of your Marriage

    Where were you successful in your marriage in 2022?

    ∙ How can you repeat some of those successes in 2023?

    ∙ What would you like to do together is this new year?

    ∙ Are there any big life changes happening in your family (kids graduating, moving to another city, etc.?)

    5. 👴 Extended family boundaries

    How is your relationship with your parents and in-laws?

    🔸 When you get married, your role changes - but your extended family usually doesn't think about that...and its easy to fall back into old unhealthy patterns, if you aren't intentional.

    ∙ Did you and your spouse have healthy boundaries with extended family in 2022?

    ∙ Did your extended family (relatives) take you away from focusing on your family and marriage?

    ∙ Talk about being a Spouse first, a parent second and a "child" third...

    ∙ Do you need to spend more time with parents who are getting older? Have you negotiated your time, energy, affection, and attention with your spouse around these needs?

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