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What do you still like about crypto, NFTs, or Defi?

I'm a gambler, investor, experimenter, HODLer, and collector. With these qualities I'm still interested in this field.

    1. Crypto still feels like a frontier

    2. Another type of collectible that branches into many other collectible arenas as well

    3. A few cryptocurrencies are bound to survive and thrive.

    But no one knows for sure. So far, BTC and ETH look like the front runners to me, but who knows. Having a tiny stake in several different coins and use case areas seem like a good bet.

    4. I had heard of blockchain before I ever heard the term cryptocurrency

    I'm a believer in this technology and crypto seems the most interesting use of blockchain

    5. I'm still learning about Defi

    But many people haven't even heard of it. I think I'm still in the early adopter group. Little unusual for me.

    6. By using an exchange, I find it faster and easier than shifting assets in other classes

    7. Arbitrage

    8. That it isn't more popular at the moment

    9. The diversity of thought processes that crypto attracts

    Everybody from artists and anarchists to VCs and brokers. This wide variety of interests and outlooks keep the space lively.

    10. The Portability.

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