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What does a perfect day look like to you?

    1. Great night sleep

    Sleep sets the tone for your energy level and attitude. If you didn't get a good night's sleep, use it as an opportunity to get tougher. Manage your emotions. Go to bed early that night!

    2. Make love in the morning

    3. Coffee/chat with significant other

    4. Read a book and write in your journal

    Read anything.

    Writing down what you got done the day before, however small, helps. Write down your goals.

    5. Take your dog for a walk

    Try and look around. Look at your phone later.

    6. Go to the gym/exercise/play a sport

    Makes you feel good about yourself. Even 10 min is better than 0.

    7. Work on your goals and dreams

    Do some work. Pomodoro method helps if you can't get started. Or make a phone call.

    8. Have a great meal or engage in an activity with people you love

    Go on a boat. Go to the beach. Walk in a fun area. Grab a coffee.

    9. Listen to some live music or watch a great movie or live performance

    Could be a sport. Anything where people are creating art or performing at a high level that inspires. Comedy club - go watch James.

    10. Do something nice for someone else

    Give a big tip. Help someone. Donate your time or money. Sdnd a nice message to a friend. Do this with no intention of receiving something in return.

    11. Reach out to someone you haven't talked to lately and catch up

    12. Laugh

    a lot throughout the day.

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