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What Goes Through My Mind When Commuting to Work

At this point in my life, I really only go into the office on average once a week (if that) and much of the time I wait for traffic to clear up. For those times I don't, these are some of the thoughts that may occur.

What Goes Through My Mind When Commuting to Work

    1. Why the Fuck are you (other drivers) looking at your phone

    Huge pet peeve. Look at the road and be alert. Your phone can wait.

    2. I wonder if I'll see RYAN-C

    When you spend your time commuting on a consistent timeframe, you tend to run into some of the same cars/people. Even though I've changed jobs, I still run into a blue Honda with the license plate RYAN-C. No idea who this dude is, but I hope he's well and living his best life.

    3. Ponder Commuter Behavior

    Why ride somebody's tail when it's not going to make a difference, what made you decide on the lane you did, and so on, are you afraid you're going to poke your eye when you spend time putting makeup on while driving?

    4. Recalculating Routes

    Waze tends to be my go-to but it's not always the best at updating times for routes (thought lately it's been a bit better). At 2 or 3 points I'll recalculate to confirm I shouldn't make any driving adjustments.

    5. Music or Audiobook

    I'm usually in the mood for one or the other. Currently listening to Where You'll Find Me: Risk, Decisions, and the Last Climb of Kate Matrosova by Ty Gagne


    Listen, maybe you have a car that you think automatically turns your lights on. Or maybe you just like driving in the dark. Who the hell knows. But when you drive your car in the dark and it's a dark car other people can't see you. Don't be that person. Make sure your lights are on.

    7. Chill Time

    Lots of people hate being stuck in their car. While I don't love it, I don't hate it either. It's time to myself. I'm not really bothered by the traffic. Especially on the way home, it's a way to destress and separate work from life.

    8. Although

    I much prefer to work from home. While in the car I think of the things to look forward to in the office for that day. The people I will see and enjoy, meetings I may have scheduled, perhaps a deliciously catered lunch, or after work drinks. I work for a company who provides a lot of perks in the office and fun, engaging colleagues. It certainly incentivizes coming in now and then. What's better is there is zero expectation to come in - it's up to the individual.

    9. I Should Call My Mother

    I maintain an arm's length relationship with my mother. I tend to talk to her about once every week or two for about 20 minutes to check in. The commute is a great time for this phone call.

    10. Various Mind Wanderings

    Who knows where the mind will wander to while driving. But not too far as it's important to pay attention to the road.

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