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What I am not going to do in 2023

It is not about what you are going to do in 2023, but what you are not going to do in 2023.


    1. Stop worrying so much

    It does not help.

    I'm going to focus more on action than worry.

    2. Getting upset about things that will not matter in 2 weeks

    I am easily triggered by the way people talk to me. This year I will get a thicker skin and not care as much what people say.

    3. Waste as much time on social media

    Decide which social media that I really want to use and then dump all the other apps.

    4. Reading bad books

    There are just as many bad books out there as good ones. Kill the bad ones fast to get to the good ones.

    5. Drink so much caffeine

    It throws my system out of balance.

    6. Misplace things

    In an effort to keep things clean and organized I often misplace things and then cannot find them. Like my EarPods that I use for working out.

    7. Going to meetings that I do not need to attend.

    Send me an email instead.

    8. Going to social events that I do not want to attend, but feel obligated to say yes to

    This happens a lot. I attend things that I do not want to attend and then do not attend the actual things I want to attend.

    9. Doing so much housework myself

    I should hire people to help me with different tasks around the house that I hate doing.

    10. Procrastinating going to the doctor or getting my car worked on

    Stop procrastinating.

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