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What I did this weekend

I'm feeling a lot happier than I have been. I'm not too sure why, but hopefully examining the last few days will help me figure out what I need to do to stay happy.

    1. Focus

    I like to spend some time aft I wake up, looking at things and saying what they are in my head. I think this helps me focus, but it could just be a placebo. Either way I seem to benifit from doing this exercise.

    2. Lift

    I stole weights from my brother whilst he's on holiday. This could be the main reason I'm happier. I do 10 lifts whenever I enter my room.

    3. Seeing friends

    I've done a pub quiz, bar crawl and a night out with a big group of friends. Being around the right people always cheers me up. I make sure to see some of them throughout the week.

    4. Canceled date

    I was looking forward to it, but things happened and it had to be cancelled. I thought I'd be more down about it, we'll recognise, no big deal.

    5. Cooking

    I've been cooking my own meals for the last few days. I enjoy cooking and feel alot better after eating that than I do with oven food I'll keep up with making my own food.

    6. No projects

    For once im not working on anything. I just needed a rest from it all. I usally need a project to keep myself happy, just enjoying life seems to be working for now.

    7. Jokes

    I've gotten back into writing jokes. They haven't been great, but it's been nice to get back into it. Hopefully I can think of a few great ones soon.

    8. New job

    I decided to accept an offer for Thailand. Still a while till I'll have the cash to head out, but having something to look forward to is nice.

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