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What I learned from Anthony Bourdain


Watched this documentary last night. Didn't know much about Anthony Bourdain before. Knew of him, wasn't aware of his story and now want to read his book, "Kitchen Confidential," and watch his show, "Parts Unknown."

    1. Some people have "it"

    There's a magnetic energy that some people emit. Anthony was one of those people. People were drawn to him and his story.

    2. An overnight success takes 10-20 years

    Bourdain became famous for a book he wrote, but he had been working in kitchens for decades. He also grew up in a family that encouraged reading. All of those moments lead him to write a best-selling book that made him an "overnight success."

    3. Energy Can be used for good or bad

    Anthony was a man with a lot of energy and passion who became a heroin addict early in his life. He later channeled his addictive personality into achieving things. Being a chef. Writing. Traveling. Martial Arts. Being a family man and father. Love.

    4. No one is here to save you

    At an AA meeting, or something similar, he shared that he finally quite being a heroin addict when he realized no one was going to save him. Only he could stop using. He finally saw someone in the mirror who was worth saving.

    5. Live an interesting life

    Anthony truly seemed to be the real life Dos Equis man:


    Bourdain saw the world. Wrote. Drank. Lived.

    6. Be content

    This is something he seemed to struggle with. Those around him called him a romantic. He would conjure up the perfect fantasy in his mind about a person, or place, but then the reality of a situation would not be able to live up to that fantasy.

    They said he constantly was rushing. Onto the next place. Thing. Person.

    7. Communicate

    Anthony was truly loved. He laregely stuck with the same people that helped him get to the dance. While he seemed like a great communicator on film, he apparently was pretty shy in person. Especially with sharing his emotions. Later in life, when he was truly struggling, he seemed to drop hints to those around him that he needed help, but people struggled to fully understand his pain.

    8. Remain Curious

    During a meal with Iggy Pop, the musician said he found Anthony interesting because he seemed to be a curious person. Bourdain was enamored with the world around him. The good and the bad. The exquisite and the simple.

    9. Stay true to yourself

    Bourdain was a complex man from the start. At least from what was shared in the documentary, he may have evolved as a person, but he seemed to never forget where he came from and who he was. After his death, people were devastated. Throughout the world, he was seen as a voice for the poor and everyday person. He shed light on how great life. Even for people who seem to not have all the material things of the Western World.

    10. Love can blind you

    The last relationship he had turned toxic. It appears the woman pulled the wool over his eyes and it really affected his life negatively. He became a different person and made some mistakes he otherwise wouldn't have made. He hurt some people close to him. And I think he realized this when things came full circle. You'll need to read about his last partner to get the full story.

    11. You can't outrun pain

    You have to confront it. Deal with it. It will catch up to you if you don't face it.

    12. Take the Road Less Traveled

    It's more interesting. Like Anthony Bourdain.

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