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What i learned from coaching my sons soccer team

    1. In the moment

    Different kids/players get stuck on the last play. I tell them “focus on the next play”

    2. Internal motivation

    Not every player is internally motivated about soccer. Coaching my son 1 on 1 was frustrating today. Until he reminded me what initially got him interested in soccer. Fun.

    3. Planning

    Preparing before practice with a plan detailing drills.

    4. Applying lessons from Limitless the book

    Sharing the idea of an “i own this” attitude with players.

    5. Plus, equal, minus

    Im able to share my knowledge that i learn daily with younglings.

    6. Great listeners

    When coaching a group of 7-8 year olds i needed them to listen to my instructions. I began with asking the group this question. “ what is a quality that all mentally strong leaders have?” They are great listeners. “Why are they great listeners?” I asked. “because if your talking your not listening”. “ and if your not listening your not learning.”

    7. Gratitude

    The parents really appreciated my help. I appreciated the opportunity to coach.

    8. Analyzing

    I should of written down what I noticed about what I could improve on as a coach. I guess writing it down is my first task.

    9. Leadership

    How can i help develop great leaders?

    10. Whistle and a stop watch would of made practice easier.

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