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What I like about airports

    1. People watching

    There are all kinds of people in airports, in various attires and all doing their own thing. I love to wonder where people are going based on their clothing. Some people are rushing around, some arguing, some looking far too drunk to fly! It's always fun watching people.

    2. The food (and drink!)

    Everytime we go to the airport, I love to get a huge meal and a few drinks, whatever the time of day. For me it's tradition and signifies the start of the holiday!

    3. A chance to be whoever you want to be

    I once travelled with a group of friends to Berlin. We decided to play a trick on some of the girls we were going with. One of my male friends had told the girls he wasn't going on the trip. They were really disappointed he wasn't going. However the men of the group knew the truth. He told us he'd make his own way to the airport and that he'd surprise the girls before we got on the plane. In the departure lounge there was a strangely dressed man sat in the corner wrapped up in baggy clothes and a big scarf, complete with a big hat reading a newspaper. The newspaper had eye holes that he kept peeping through like you used to see in cartoons. Needless to say his disguise didn't work for too long and everyone burst out laughing when they realised it was him.

    4. A place to live

    Surely everyone's seen the movie with Tom Hanks?

    5. Play guessing games

    'Hmm, I wonder where he's jetting off to...'

    6. Buy some books

    It's always a great chance to buy a new book or two with all those great bookshops there and all that free time!

    7. The excitement

    Airports have a constant buzz about them! I really wanted to work in one when I was a kid. Now, not so much.

    8. Seeing planes

    I could sit for hours watching planes taking off and landing.

    9. Xray machines

    I always love to see the X-ray images of all of my belongings, and it really fascinated me when I was a kid. Then as an adult I ended up taking X-rays as my career for some years.

    10. Security

    Despite the dangers you always feel safe due to cameras, staff and police around the place. It's actually a pretty safe place to be.

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