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What I like about "Witcher" books

I watched only 1.5 episodes of the Netflix series. It's pure crap. The acting, the adaptation, the cast, the footage. I mostly played the game before I finally started to read the books. To me, they are masterpieces.

    1. Food description sounds so tasty

    Even when I'm not hungry and I read the scenes containing the food, gosh, I feel like I'm starting to choke up with saliva! Anjey Sapkowski did it so well, you are really starting to feel the taste at the end of your tongue.

    2. Great humour

    It's very rare but when it's there it strikes you immediately.

    3. Very well developed characters

    You understand everything about their inner and outer looks

    4. Well written erotic scenes

    5. You feel yourself present in that world

    You imagine all these villages, taverns, castles, all types of weapons, all the rules and manners.

    6. It contains characters from the most famous fairy tales

    Well, mostly in the first books but it was great to read how Anjey integrated them.

    7. I feel like I'm still continuing the game

    As I played the game first it's so great to read and imagine as you are still continuing to play.

    8. Variable politic schemas

    9. Constant empathy to the main character

    10. I feel the same way as I felt when I read Harry Potter for the first time

    And it's awesome!

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