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What I want others to think of me

This should help inform my actions.

    1. Happy

    I want others to see me as the happiest person they know and strive to be just as happy as me.

    I seem to be doing a good job at this, despite being sick.  As long as I don't talk about it noone knows, those that do are amazed at how well I do despite it.  I hope this aspect is inspectional for others and force's them to push through the tough times with a smile as well.

    2. Kind

    Not stupid though.  I don't want to be taken advantage of.  I want to be powerful enough to destroy people, but choose to do the opposite.  I imagine dr.who when I think of this aspect.

    I'm friend's with everyone, so I'm pretty sure I do this aspect well.  More than friend's I'm respected by everyone.

    3. Smart

    This isn't easy.  The dunning Kruger effect makes talking to some people really hard.  They're convinced they know more despite being unaware of a lot of important aspects.  I do a good job regardless people know I'm smart, but they don't always listen. Maybe that's what I should aim for, being more persuasive.

    4. Stoic

    Well at least by those who know Stoicism.  To the rest if they see the Stoic Virtues in me I'll be happy.

    5. entrepreneur

    I'm always working on new ways to make money.  Unlike most I'm working on ways that regardless of how they work out I'll have the rest of my life to sell them (books, course's, clothing designs.). This seems like a far better use of my time.

    Most people know what I do, but I could show off my products more.  Many only have a veage idea.  People are far more impressed when I show them the quality of my products.

    6. Teacher

    Even when I'm not teaching I seek to make others wiser.  I use the socratic method a lot.  I hope others see me as a wise teacher/philosopher.

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