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What Ideas for "Premium" Idea Lists Do You Have?

    1. Answer Domain Specific Question

    I love responding to questions on Reddit - but I wish I could get paid for it.

    To answer domain-specific questions: How do I build an effective data science strategy? A step-by-step guide to getting funding for your startup?

    The response could be a special report or a video response

    Something that could help is in the bio section. You could list a person's expertise, skill, etc.

    2. Super Connector

    Network with people in the community and create an introduction to someone you know that could need their service or that person could help them.

    3. Suggestions on Ideas

    You post an idea and get suggestions on what to do next - 10 next steps. You set a bounty and people respond to the idea. And the person who wins the challenge gets the bounty.

    4. Curated List of Resources

    A compilation of resources in specific area. An effective stack of technology for automatimy a marketing process, list of best productivity tools/extensions for marketers, developers, etc

    5. Research

    Deep research on a given topic that you might have expertise in

    6. How to Guides

    • How to make money ideas doing X
    • How to do amazing research step by step
    • How to solve X

    7. Templates

    Best productivity template in notion, pitch decks, coding templates

    8. Book Insights

    Create a book summary that highlights the key takeaways

    9. Best Practices

    What are the best practices for setting up operations in a business, preventing data breaches or creating an RPA solution

    10. Curated list of local places to visit in city that are not widely known

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