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What Ideas for "Premium" Idea Lists Do You Have?

What ideas would I charge for? Well that's a good question. Here are 10 "Premium" idea lists that I think people might pay for, where I can provide enough expertise and insight to be a credible author.

    1. 10 Tips for perfecting your accent in a foreign language

    As a polyglot who's spent many years studying linguistics, I feel like I have some legitimacy in this space and can make it accessible to others. The other perk of this list is that it's on a subject many people struggle with.

    2. 10 North Indian/Pakistani dishes even beginners can cook at home

    Recipes are always a fan favorite, and I have plenty of homespun ones to share here.

    3. 10 not-so-obvious nuances to watch out for when translating

    This subject needs a bit of refinement, but I think I'm onto something here. Translation is such a complex one, and our world is so interconnected that most people encounter some translation on a daily basis. Hopefully the subject is topical and urgent enough to peak peoples' interest.

    4. 10 critical tips to keep in mind when developing a strong market research survey

    I create so many surveys at work that I feel confident sharing tips on this.

    5. 10 two-minute chess concepts you can understand today to become a better player tomorrow

    I love chess, and I'd be happy to share it with others via a list of helpful tips for beginners trying to break into the game, since I was there myself so recently.

    6. The 10 steps of getting your inbox to zero: productivity management for anyone

    I'm somewhat obsessive about having an empty inbox, and I know this is a topic people really care about.

    7. The first 10 steps you should take if you want to transition from a career in the liberal arts into a career in tech

    I have experience here because it's the path I took. Hopefully, there are enough people out there looking for a change in their career that I have a wide accessible market.

    8. 10 ways to use Facebook Marketplace to turn around free furniture and make a profit

    This is super topical for me, since I'm moving this month. I feel like I have legitimacy here because I've done this with multiple items.

    9. 10 ways to pay as little as possible for your software products

    This subject might need some refining too. I want to lean on my experience as a strategy/pricing consultant here and devise a list about that, since this is an area I have niche expertise in.

    10. 10 secret tourist destinations in [Morocco or Pakistan]

    I worked at a luxury travel start-up in Morocco, and I've been to Pakistan many times, so I would market these lists to travelers of all sorts looking to really discover places off-the-beaten-path. My competitive advantage here is that these places are fairly "exotic" to most people, but they are familiar to me.

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