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What Ideas for "Premium" Idea Lists Do You Have?

Here are some ideas about what I would be willing to pay for.

    1. Idea list for a specific need

    Post details about your situation and pay someone to write an idea list for your specific needs.

    Example: What other products or services could a caretaker service provide?

    Ideas for a student of history with some experience as a salesperson to become self employed.

    Ideas for a man who wants to convice his girlfriend to marry him.

    2. Idea list as a course or curriculum

    For example: bits of knowledge and exerices (with videos) for people who want to play the guitar.

    3. Idea list with proven solutions for a problem

    For example: The most successful methods to quit smoking.

    4. Specific recommendations

    A list of cars who need the least maintenance and have good resell value (with technical details).

    A list of stocks for times of inflation.

    A list of the most sturdy laptops (with links to reviews).

    5. Collections

    For example: 100 politically incorrect jokes

    All songs by the Beatles with videos, guitar tabs and information about their history

    100 ideas for great blog posts

    6. The most important information about a subject

    Insider information about sports (for example boxing or cycling)

    The philosophy of Aristotle

    All you need to know about gouache painting

    7. Plans and recipes

    For example: Ten plans for tiny houses

    50 simple recipes for vegetarians

    8. Code or algorithms

    For example: The Python code of ten funny games

    Code for a software that tracks your training and creates statistics

    9. The 1,000 most frequent words in a language

    With their meanings and translations

    10. A collection of services

    For example: The top 100 web hosting providers in the EU

    CRM Software

    Best restaurants in Berlin

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