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What Ideas for "Premium" Idea Lists Do You Have?

    1. In Depth How-To Guides

    How to get a raise

    How to become an airline pilot

    2. Courses or Programs - Learn to become a project manager, data scientist, blogger

    Each point is a video

    3. Food Recipes

    Start writing down food recipes, then gather them together and publish as a book

    4. Stories - fiction or non-fiction

    5. Skip the line

    How to become the best chess player. Project Manager. Race car driver. Step by step how to skip the line.

    6. Weekly newsletter

    Have thought about doing this so many times for each of the stock market sectors:

    - In-Depth expert analysis each week of:

    - Software

    - Energy

    - Crypto

    - Biotechnology

    - Automotives

    - Retail

    7. Personal Blog

    Daily blog on your personal favority topic. Politics, cooking, house flipping, paranormal activity.

    8. My Reviews

    I review the latest: tech, fashion, houses etc.

    9. Top 10 News Items

    Each day break down the biggest news stories and your thoughts.

    10. Book Takeaways

    Kind of like cliff notes. The biggest takeaways from Books, articles, podcasts, movies.

    11. FAQs

    Answer as many questions as possible.

    12. Consulting - Give me a prompt and I will give you an ideas list

    13. Resource lists

    - Travel hacking websites

    - The best books to master master

    - Courses, videos, books on how to become the best chess player

    - A list of starup networks, funding sources, founders, mentors etc.

    14. Entertainment - Art - Content

    Post your photos, paintings, YouTube videos.

    15. Merch?

    Just thought of this. Post your shirts, hats, hoodies, sandals, coffee mug on a list and then link to your online store. Or somehow checkout directly through NotePD.

    It could be like ETSY with a person creating custom items.

    16. Software code

    Paywall your software code

    17. Templates

    - Blog article templates

    - Copywriting templates

    - Book Templates

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