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What Ideas for "Premium" Idea Lists Do You Have?

Here are my ideas. I make them public because anyone could implement them or take inspiration!!!

Also, a description of the format is in the comments

    1. Hand made works in an apartment how to, in the form of idea lists posted weekly or monthly, purchasable singularly of you need them.

    10-20 steps with videos to craft something, like a surf rack or the stand for a parrot in the picture, in your apartment, without the need of any large bench tool, which makes it different from many videos on fb or youtube.

    I'd like the format to be an idea list with pictures and videos(if possible), in 10-20 steps, to be affordable in few hours, maybe splitting big projects in more days. Each project can be purchased singularly, with a newsletter of what's new this month


    2. Softwre automation service.

    Same format as before. Write small codes for any software, like MS Office or OpenOffice, in python, VBA, C++, Tcl/Tk... whatever. These could be also a web crawler or so on...

    3. Lessons in Physics or Math

    Again, idea lists purchasable singularly.

    The cut of the lessons could be very different. From just technical approach, maybe with some exercise or example, to a more interesting format joining historical context, how and why people come up with some ideas... a kind of "archeo physics"

    4. Small math/physics problem solved and simulated

    Here the cut could be a small introductions, formulas, basic principles, followed by a solved excercise. Intended for tutoring, mind training or so on. Can be made more funny with sketches, graph, live simulations and maybe providing simulation codes as extra materials.

    5. 10 minutes workout in the park

    Ideas for workout at the park. Might be a weekly routine to repeat for one month, then switch to something else.

    6. One day Travel guide

    A list of 10 things to visit in a day in a City, or activities to do there or maybe 10 painting to stop at in a Museum or ... Can be very usefull when you are visiting a big CIty and you want to see something special and peculiar that is not mainstream, or you want to read informations about a painting, curiosities about it and so on

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