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What Ideas for "Premium" Idea Lists Do You Have?

@JamesAltucher All of these are idea seeds and need a lot more cultivation but its a start.

    1. A weekly newsletter updating subscribers on different facets of U.S. Immigration policy

    This is a very fluid part of the government bureaucracy where the landscape shifts and changes frequently. This report would include important court decisions, policy changes, major arrests or outcomes of cases concerning well known non-citizens, the different components of the U.S. Immigration system and how they operate. Topics would be current and ever changing.

    2. The serialized story

    A print magazine i read almost every month includes an ongoing monthly fiction piece with the next chapter of the current story being published in each issue. It is not uncommon for me to buy that month's edition only because I don't want to miss a chapter. When the story concludes, a new adventure begins; usually with the same recurring characters. These types of serials were once far more common than they are today. Let's bring that format back to the forefront.

    3. Curated lists for upcoming outings.

    Suppose you are planning a trip to Northern Ontario, Canada for the first time and think you might like to do some fishing while you are there. But you don't know what species are available, what may or may not be in season during your visit, are there guide services, what types of lures have worked well on the species you are thinking about pursuing. You get the idea.

    As part of your trip planning process you could research each of these questions and develop a strategy. But you've likely got more than enough to do to get ready for this trip. Let me do it for you. Tell me where you're going, when you will be there, and what you may be interested in doing. I'll do the leg work combining personal experience, contacts, as well as data diving and come up with a list of tips, tricks, and ideas so you can concentrate on having fun.

    Now how about hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain?

    4. Online Merit Badge Counselor

    As a Scouts BSA Eagle Scout and Sea Scouting Quartemaster I know well the pitfalls and detours that can happen along the path. Allow me to be your mentor, companion, and conscience that lends a hand to help you along your Scouting adventure.

    5. Public Safety Pathways

    Are you the type of person who is passionate about helping others or your community. Since I know you are, read my series of premium reports as we explore together all the various careers that fall under the Public Safety Umbrella. Did my piece answer your questions? Get you excited? Leave you confused? Let me know and together we will dig deeper

    6. Know a good story? Now you don't have to!

    Homo Sapiens are social creatures. As part of that society we use storytelling to impart lessons, remember history, to entertain, and to warn. It's a tradition that pre-dates the written word. How often have you wished you had an easy way to break the ice at a party, use parable or allegory to help another, or simply need a break and a good laugh? We've all been there. You will no longer be stuck wishing ,you had the right story to get your point across or to introduce yourself. Give me a few simple parameters; (icebreaker for business contacts, dealing with a divorce, investment advice) and I will draw on a vast library of resources to provide you with the perfect, simple, easy to remember story fit for any occasion.

    7. First Aid

    As an Advanced EMT-Critical Care and Basic Life Support Instructor for more than 25 years I am more than happy to provide whatever you need in the area of 1st Aid education and training. Stocking a 1st Aid kit and would like a list of suggested supplies? Need a few strategies to Stop the Bleed(TM)? Maybe you're spending the summer in a new locale and are interested in any environmental injuries you might encounter and how best to treat them. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 days I can provide experienced and tested knowledge, skills and insight on how best to provide for friends, family, and neighbors until professional care is available.

    8. Thinking about buying a firearm?

    Or maybe you need more training and insights into the firearm(s) you already own. Let me help. With over 40 years of handling, caring for, and using firearms in the sporting, ]hunting, and professional arenas I am able to provide expert guidance on whatever questions you may have. Do you simply need a list of shooting supplies that you need BEFORE you buy your first firearm? Do you know what is legal and available in your state or country? Is your rifle right for deer hunting? Would you like to start competing with your pistol but don't know what formats you might enjoy? All of these questions and more can be answered when you subscribe to my ongoing series of Gun Gnews for Good Guys and Gals.

    9. Rules for a new dice game

    I've had an idea for a new dice game for a number of years, but I've always hit roadblocks trying to bring an entire game to market. It's possible for the game to be played with common items and game pieces most people may already have. So a list of the rules where the player supplies the components is a possibility.

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