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What if I quit my job?

What if I did my notice, then was free to do what I liked? 


    1. Money

    I've worked a lot this month I'd have enough to get me by for the next 2 months. Longer if I'm smart with my spendings. 

    2. More focus on my projects

    I could start selling Tshirts and other merch.

    I could focus more on perfecting my designs. 

    I could start making posters based on book takeaways. 

    I could animate The Rocco Effect comics. 

    I could draft The Rocco Effect - Set 3. And publish soon after. 

    I could buy a mic /speaker and perform my jokes in The high street (as I'm having no luck finding clubs to perform in). 

    I could produce new The Rocco Effect content. 

    I could make a website (As I'm likely to get banned for good on Facebook if I continue to post jokes.  And I don't really want to stop joking). 

    I could learn how to program apps. 

    3. Focus on finding a job I want to do.

    Job hunting takes as much effort as actually working. Trying to do both as well as my own projects is exhausting. I'm thinking of teaching again in China or Thailand. But what about the long term? What do I want for the long term. My own school? Multiple schools? Workbook /content creator (I already have drafts of 3 books made. Around 3 years worth of teaching content).

    Is there another field that would suit me better? 

    4. Rest

    I'm exhausted. Having time to rest and recover is needed. 

    5. Read

    It would be nice to finish another book. 

    6. Build my following

    I've got great content, but it doesn't reach a lot of people. I still don't understand hashtags. Twitter still confuses me (why does anyone follow me on there. I repost the same thing).

    If I could spend more time working out how to boost my audience I'm sure they'll love what they see and I'll get even more followers. 

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