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What if ... or power of leveraging professionals in unusual way

Imagine if there was a mechanism to quickly get together a group of professionals for solving whatever issues

    1. Government slow processes. Why so slow and any chance to help change it? Regardless of country, there are always processes to improve.

    For example, getting a document or official response in almost any country is 30+ days.

    What if get a group of x- companies business operations (aside of their normal job time) to get a fresh perspective on possible process improvement? 3 days = solution or 💡

    2. Airports 🛫 efficiency improvement

    Lately there were few cases when people missed their flights despite arriving to the airport 4+ hours in advance as advised. This resulted in a collapse inside and huge negative wave of complaints feedback etc. There were apologies by officials and explanations of the reasons..

    What if they invited a x- companies group of business operations professionals to help with a fresh perspective?

    Note: I offered this idea to local authorities but they went silent 😀

    3. Solar panels in large cities and EV chargers for e cars issues

    Lately, I ran into an issue for owners of Electric cars in a large city, which is multi fold:

    - you cannot install easily a charger if parking is not private

    - how to install a charger if a dedicated parking slot but not private

    - what owners of e cars should do if they live in apt blocks? Why so difficult on the regulations side?

    Etc. Seems the rules work for perfect households only. And any deviation from a perfect set up, it is a delay or no response.


    I was wondering of why not leverage a group of professionals (= installers in this case) and ask them for a ton of ideas?

    4. Solar panels installed. Smart meter pending few month. Reason - calculating the rates or whatever. Why not get specialists together and find a solution in 3 days?

    5. Overall, why government related processes are so slow and could anything be done about it? = leverage professionals...?

    6. Buying a house or property. A very lengthy process. Wondering if the same approach could be applied ( to reseach on delays issue and help resolve it)

    7. What if goverment authorities consider hiring onboard high tech professionals with an idea to keep improving daily. Keep track of it. 1/50 rule here would work perfect.

    8. What if create a team of professionals who would dedicate part of their time to goverment projects improvements and optimisation. And get paid for this.

    For this a rule needs to break to allow people have more than 1 official job or contract :) often a limitation.

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