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What inconvenient things can I do daily

Took this insight from the latest podcast.

Growth comes when we're uncomfortable

    1. Work on a project

    I've got a few projects in my head if I work on one a little longer each day I'll be further ahead in no time. Projects - question book, question book + writing prompts, card game (questions, prompts and actions), the Rocco Effect set books, just the comics, pins, finding a new job.

    2. Write 3 things I took from podcasts

    I use to always do this, but have gotten lazy. I need to push myself to listen more closely and write the main points down to help with retention. From this podcast - push yourself to go one step further in all areas of life. This compounds and you'll be a lot further ahead in a year than if you didn't do it. Do the uncomfortable. You don't grow when you're comfortable. *still got more to listen to I'll add later

    3. Exercise

    Work is a workout in itself, but I think I can do one more and do something outside of work.

    4. Read

    I can skip on reading for a few days despite how easy it is to read a little daily. I'll read one extra page when I do.

    5. Make £1 a day

    I want to get better at business. So far I've been researching and planning /making products. I think it's time I focus on sales. £1 is infanetly better than nothing.

    6. Message someone

    I prefer to talk in person, so I can go a long time without talking to friends. Having a catch up with at least one person each day helps keep strong bonds and I may even learn something new from them.

    7. Go longer without checking phone

    How often do you check your phone and it's something important? Very rarely. If it's not important you can wait. Waiting allows me to focus on more important things. It will reduce anxiety and all the other factors addiction cause.

    8. Date

    I've not dated in a long time with covid then being so focused on other areas of my life. If family is really the most important factor for my future I should start acting like it.

    9. Rest

    This might seem counter intuitive, but rest is difficult. I'm always thinking of new ideas and working away on something. I need to allow myself rest to avoid burnout.

    10. Make new comics

    It's my most popular content. I should give people more of what they want.

    11. One more

    I should push myself to go one more on all these ideas.

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