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What is a Great Deal?

I don't have a list for this, just my version of what a "Great Deal" could be, at least from my view.

    1. A "Great Deal"

    A "Great Deal" could apply to so many things, it's very broad and subjective. it could be a bargain on new clothing from a department store, or from an individual. It could be a "Great Deal" on shoes, electronics, a house, a car and all of that would mean something different for each person. A "Great Deal" on a house for example, could simply just be a low interest rate, for someone else, it could be the overall price of the house that made them feel like they got a good deal. It could be a good deal just based off of perception of a "Great Deal". Someone else could look at your "Great Deal", and they may not think it's a great deal to them, or they point out something you may not have been aware of and now it's not such a great deal anymore. A great deal could mean you got a good deal on your internet package at home. You can purchase something, a service, or product and have the best experience during the process and to you, that experience you received is a good deal in your mind, and if that is the case, it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about the deal, as long as you feel it was a great deal, it's a Great Deal!

    2. See #1

    3. See #1

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