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What is proof of humanity? (1 min 53 sec read)

    1. What is proof?

    Proof is that which demonstrates the truth or validity of a claim.
    Proof is establishing the accuracy or correctness of something.

    2. What is humanity?

    Humanity encompasses the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects of human life.

    3. What is our true nature?

    We are spiritual, not separate individuals with physical bodies, but rather, were all part of the same Unified Consciousness of "Oneness" that is God.
    The idea of humanity is a temporary illusion/dream of separation from our true nature.
    The belief in separation is the root cause of all human suffering and conflict .
    We exist in an illusory world and we're here to awaken from this dream and remember our True identity as Divine Beings.
    Our True reality is beyond the physical body and the world of form.
    The whole idea of humanity as a separate and limited entity is an illusion that must be transcended in order to experience true inner peace and joy.
    The writer is not here to deny the importance of our human experience, but rather offers a different perspective on it.
    We can use our human experience as a means to awaken to our true nature and to help others do the same.
    In this sense, the human experience can be seen as a valuable tool for spiritual growth and awakening.
    Don't believe anything the writer writes, your personal inquiry of Truth will be all the proof you need.

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