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Collin Harness


What is something you are good at doing but don't enjoy?

    1. Technology technical support

    Great at finding out what is wrong and coming up with a solution. The problem is that you get stuck on the treadmill. There are always more and more people to help and you are treated like a robot and not paid very well.

    2. Coffee barista

    Making lattes is an art form.

    It takes a lot of time and practice and failure. I was not a very good barista. I probably did not do the job long enough. I was only at Starbucks off and on for about 2 years.

    I would have to repeatedly make drinks because I screwed them up.

    But I was really fast so I was able to help a lot of people. Not the best drink maker, but the best at quickly giving you great service and exactly what you ordered.

    3. Running meetings

    I know how to run and do a meeting inside and out. The problem of course the people. Less good at dealing with different personalities. Some people love meetings, because it is their opportunity to complain about things, people love to complain. Some people love meetings, because they get to talk nonstop stream of consciousness. Some people want as much information as possible from a meeting and dont want to let you go.

    The key is to have an agenda and stick to it ruthlessly. If people start talking too much you have to cut them off and get it back on track. Meeting should also be short. Very little to no chit chat about the weather.

    4. Social media - Insta, Youtube, Facebook etc.

    Love using it and I think I am pretty good. But I always mess up the most important ingredient. Consistency. You have to always be feeding the beast and I get distracted or I find something more important to do.

    5. Talking to people about politics

    Love hearing people's point of view, but then it goes to a dark place.

    6. Writing

    Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. Again really time consuming.

    7. Photo editing

    Photo or video editing is not that hard, but it is really time consuming.

    8. Driving

    My office used to be five minutes from my house. Now it is an hour away. Blah.

    Driving in traffic is such a waste of time.

    9. Going to music concerts

    Love going to shows. Hate waiting for the band to go on.

    10. Mentoring

    I get a lot out of helping other people, but if I am being honest it can be draining.

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